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Seline Szkupinski Quiroga, Faculty Associate
College of Nutrition and Health Promotion
E-mail: selinesq@asu.edu

Szkupinski Quiroga is a medical anthropologist with a commitment to community based participatory research, and a research focus on health disparities and the lived experience of illness among vulnerable populations as revealed through narratives. Since arriving at ASU, she has worked on establishing community relationships within South Phoenix, and identifying issues of concern. In response, she is collaborating with ASU faculty to examine familial, peer and environmental influences on diet, physical activity and obesity risk. Specifically, she is currently leading efforts to develop culturally appropriate metrics of food environments as a more effective way of evaluating food security and nutritional quality among Latino populations. In particular, she is interested in objective measures that identify strengths as well as points of intervention, and integrate consideration of walkability, food advertising, and other factors amenable to change. This effort is part of a larger project to examine differential individual and household patterns of interaction with urban environments. Subsequent phases will include the collection of migration and coping narratives, and the development of an intervention targeting youth at risk of diabetes.

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