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Elyse Jennings
elysejen@umich.edu | Vita, PDF file

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at the University of Michigan. My research focuses on how people’s attitudes and experiences influence their motivation for family behaviors, such as marriage, fertility, and divorce. I focus largely on the South Asian context of rural Nepal. In this context, I have studied the influence of mothers’ and fathers’ attitudes on sons’ marital behavior, and the influence of neighbors’ attitudes on women’s progression to third and higher parity births. I am also interested in survey methods used to study family processes, and have been working with US data to study the influence of frequent survey measurement on the sexual behavior of young women. My current research focuses on marital dissolution in rural Nepal—a setting in which divorce has historically been rare.  I study the way that marital dissolution operates in this setting, and the various factors that influence marital dissolution.


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