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CePoD Faculty and Students at the Annual Population Association of America meetings in New York, March 2007


Papers Presented by CePoD faculty and students and their coauthors:

Agadjanian, Victor, Arusyak Sevoyan, and Cecilia Menjivar “ Reshaping the Post-Soviet Periphery: The Impact of Men’s Labor Migration on Women’s Lives and Aspirations in Rural Armenia”

Agadjanian, Victor, Lesia Nedoluzhko, PremChand Dommaraju “Unraveling the Eurasian Nuptiality Conundrum: Ethnicity and Entry into First Union in Kyrgyzstan”

Avogo, Winfred A. and Victor Agadjanian. “Reproduction in Crisis: War, Migration and Fertility in Angola”

Brown, Tucker and Mary H. Benin “The Effects of Adolescents' Extra-Curricular Activities on Young Adult Success”

Glick, Jennifer E. and Littisha Scott. “Where Do Trajectories Diverge? Nativity and Ethnic Differences in Home Environment and Very Early Cognitive Development “
Haas, Steven A. and M. Maria Glymour. “The Healthy Bird Gets the Worm: Childhood Health and Inequality in Labor Market Outcomes over the Work Career”

Manning, Linda M., Mary H. Benin, and Verna Keith. “Predicting Young Adult’s Obesity: The Role of Body Image during Adolescence and Race/Ethnicity”

Nguyen, Lan, Victor Agadjanian, and Scott T. Yabiku “Economic Reforms, Age at Marriage and the Length of the First Birth Interval in Vietnam”

Yabiku, Scott T. and Constance T. Gager “Sexual Frequency and the Stability of Marital and Cohabiting Unions”

Posters Presented by CePoD faculty and students and their coauthors:

Avogo, Winfred A, Victor Agadjanian, and James F. Phillips “Family Planning Programs and Fertility Preferences in Northern Ghana: The Role of Ideational Change Processes”*

Dommaraju, PremChand and Victor Agadjanian “Gender, Community Context and Children’s Activities in Rural India“

Ohta, Brenda and Leah Rohlfsen “The Effect of Life Transitions on Suicide in the Elderly”

Zhu, Li and Jennifer E. Glick “School Comes First Then Comes Marriage Then Comes Baby? Racial and Ethnic Variations in the Path to First Birth in the United States”*

* Winner of Outstanding Poster Award


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