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Population Association of America Annual Meetings, 2012 Selected program appearances by CePoD affiliates


CePoD Faculty

  • Victor Agadjanian and Natalya Zotova: Sampling and Surveying Hard-to-Reach Populations: A Study of Female Labor Migrants in Moscow, Russia
  • Carey E. Cooper, Aprile Benner, and Priscilla Goble: “Academic Risk and Resilience in Rural Guatemala: Family and Individual Predictors of Mayan Children‘s School Attainment”
  • Jennifer E. Glick: “Mexican Families in the U.S.”
  • Steven A. Haas: Discussant, “Health Behaviors, Health, and Mortality”
  • Sarah R. Hayford, Karen Benjamin Guzzo, and Pamela J. Smock: “The Decoupling of Marriage and Parenthood? Trends in the Timing of Marital First Births, 1945-1995”
  • Chris Herbst and John D. Ifcher: “A Bundle of Joy: Does Parenting Really Make Us Miserable?”
  • Scott T. Yabiku and Jennifer E. Glick: “Data Collection Methods to Improve Measurement of Community Contextual Features”

CePoD Students

  • Chih-Chien Huang and Paul Holley: “¡Cuídate! Curriculum Empowers Latino/Hispanic Male Teenagers in Negotiating Abstinence and Condom Use-Evaluating Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Project (TPPP) in Maryvale Community at Arizona”
  • Luciana Luz: “Women’s Autonomy and Children’s Schooling in Rural Mozambique”
  • Rebha Sabharwal: Chair, “Fertility Intentions”
  • Laquitta M. Smith: “The Changing Demographic (Re)Distribution of African Americans: Implications for Marriage Transitions”
  • Nicole Weller: Chair, “Fertility Intentions and Behaviors over the Life Course”\
  • Sam Hyun Yoo: “Ambivalence Toward Pregnancy: Is it a Singular or Multifaceted Concept?” and “Sexual Initiation in Adolescents’ Peer Networks: Influence or Selection?”
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