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War, Forced Migration, and HIV/AIDS Risks in Angola

War, Forced Migration, and HIV/AIDS Risks in Angola

5R03HD045129, 2005-2007, funded by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

The project explores connections between civil war-induced migration to urban areas in Angola and HIV/AIDS-related knowledge, perceptions, and risks. The project’s fieldwork was conducted in June-July 2004 in two suburban municipalities of Luanda, Angola’s capital: Samba, a more urbanized municipality with a relatively small presence of forced migrants, and Viana, a less urbanized municipality with a relative high share of the forced migrant population. The data collection included a survey and qualitative interviews. The sample was drawn from each borough (bairro) of each municipality (8 boroughs in Viana and 9 boroughs in Samba) separately. The target sample share of each borough was established in proportion to its estimated population size. In each borough, households to be included were selected using a predetermined walk algorithm that minimized any bias in household selection. In one half of the selected households women (age 15 to 49) were selected; in the other half men (age 15 to 59) were selected (the sex assignment of households was random). The resulting survey sample consisted of 1082 individuals (51% men and 49% women).

The survey questionnaire included the following modules: migration history; general individual and household background sociodemographic background; marriage and sexual life; reproduction; HIV/AIDS; social networks; community and social capital; and gender attitudes. Qualitative, in-depth interviews were conducted only with forced migrants. In total, 64 in-depth interviews were carried out, most of them at the site with high presence of forced migrants (Viana). The interviews explored HIV/AIDS-related views and behavior in greater detail.

The project is directed by Victor Agadjanian (PI). The survey data collection and processing for the project was managed by Angola-Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica e Social (AIP). The project is funded by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) R03 HD45129. The data collected through the project are being analyzed. Information about papers and articles resulting from the project will be posted on this site as they are presented and published.

If you are interested in more information about this project or would like to gain access to the data, please contact the project PI, Dr. Victor Agadjanian.

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