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Young Preschool Program

The Young Preschool Classroom program begins enrolling children after their second birthday. Children are generally enrolled in the young preschool until they are about three and a half years old and are fully independent in toileting. Children who meet these criteria between enrollment periods, may remain in the young preschool until an opening occurs in the multi-age preschool classrooms. The classroom is led by a lead teacher who has a minimum of an undergraduate degree in child development, psychology, education or a related field of study. The Lead mentors three Intern Teachers who are part of the Early Childhood Leadership Trainee Program sponsored by the Child Development Laboratory Programs. The Intern Teachers are in charge in the absence of the Lead Teacher. The Lead and Intern teachers work in 2 teams of primary caregivers. Each young preschooler is assigned to one the teams. The primary caregivers are responsible for overseeing the child's care, recording keeping, communication and completing the parent conference. The program also utilizes college student staff as classroom assistants. Parents are responsible for bringing diapers and wipes for their child until they are fully independent in toileting. The maximum ratio in the room is 1:4. The program enrolls a maximum of 15 children.

Multiage Pre-School Program

The Child Development Lab offers an all-day preschool program for children three and a half through five years old. The center has two multiage classrooms each staffed with a Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher and college student classroom aides. A typical day in the preschool program includes a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities. Structuring the environment and planning activities for self-directed play and learning is a fundamental part of the CDL's educational program. Curriculum activities include pretend play, open-ended creative and sensory experiences (painting, sand and water play, modeling clay, collage activities, etc.), construction activities with blocks and manipulative toys, mathematics and language games, gardening, cooking activities, and science "experiments." The preschool curriculum is reflective of the Arizona State Standards for Early Childhood Programs while being presented in a developmentally appropriate manner. Each day includes teacher-led "group times" during which children gather for creative movement activities, musical experiences, and stories. Sack lunches from home and morning and afternoon snacks provided by the center are served. A nap and/or rest time follows lunch. Afternoon activities and group time follows nap/rest time. The outdoor environment is easily accessible and is available to the children throughout the day.




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