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The following is a list of books available for check out from the CDL:
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CDL Resource List

The following books are available for parents (and staff) to use as resources. Some books are located on the shelf outside Mary's office door as well as in Mary's office that you will be able to check out. You may find books that you agree or disagree with, that are helpful, or not very helpful. Each person will have a different perspective or response to the author/s. Please use the card file box on the bookcase just outside the office door to "check out" the books you take. Cross your name off of the card when you return the book.

The following books are alphabetically by the author's last name. Most of them can be purchased at local book stores.

Everyday Goodbyes Nancy Balaban
Your One Year Old Louise Bates Ames, PhD & Frances Ilg, M.D.
Your Two Year Old Louise Bates Ames, PhD & Frances Ilg, M.D.
Your Three Year Old Louise Bates Ames, PhD & Frances Ilg, M.D.
Your Four Year Old Louise Bates Ames, PhD & Frances Ilg, M.D.
Your Five Year Old Louise Bates Ames, PhD & Frances Ilg, M.D.
Your Child's Self Esteem Dorothy Briggs
Discipline - The Brazelton Way T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. & Joshua Sparrow M.D
The Irreducible Needs of Children T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. & Stanley Greenspan, M.D.
Touchpoints - Volume 1 T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Touchpoints 3 to 6 years T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Who's Calling the Shots? How to Respond
Effectively Children's Fascination with
War Play and War Toys
Nancy Carlsson - Paige & Diane Levin
Healthy Sexuality Development - A Guide for
Early Childhood Educators & Families
Kent Chirsman & Donna Couchenour
Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk David Elkind
All Grown Up & No Place to Go David Elkind
Child Development - Using Love & Logic to Help
Children Development Attention and Behavior Skills
Jim Fay, Foster Cline, M.D. & Bob Sornson
A guide to DISCIPLINE Janet Galambos Stone
Beyond Sibling Rivalry Peter Goldenthal, PhD
What Happened to the Word? Helping Children Cope in Turbulent Times Jim Greenman
Building Healthy Minds Stanley Greenspan, M.D.
The Challenging Child Stanley Greenspan, M.D.
The Child with Special Needs Stanley Greenspan, M.D.
Off to School - A Parent's Eye of the Kindergarten Year Irene Hannington
So This is Normal Too? -Teachers and Parents
Working Out Developmental Issues in Young Children
Deborah Hewitt
Punishment by Rewards Alfie Kohn
Learning to Read & Write: Developmentally Appropriate Practice NAEYC Publication
Positive Discipline Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.
Positive Discipline for Working Parents Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. & Lisa Larson, M.A.
Going to School Sharon L. Ramey, Ph.D. & Craig T. Ramey, Ph.D.
The Sensory-Sensitive Child Karen A. Smith, Ph.D. & Karen R. Gouze, Ph.D.
Helping Young Children Develop Through Play Janet K. Sawyers & Cosby S. Rogers
Your Child at Play: One to Two Years Marilyn Segal, Ph.D.
How to Behave - So your Preschooler Will Too! Sal Severe, Ph.D.
Scholastic Magazines - Parent & Child Magazine - Lots of Great Topics  
Discipline: The Brazelton Way Joshua D. Sparrow, M.D.
Diary of a Baby - What your Child Sees, Feels & Expereinces Daniel N. Stern M.D.
Best Friends, Worst Enemies - Understanding the Social Lives of Children Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
1, 2, 3... The Toddler Years Irene Van der Zande
Caring: Supporting Children's Growth Rita Warren




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