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Undergraduate Anthropology

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Undergraduate Major in Anthropology
An Anthropology major's program consists of 45 semester hours, of which 39 must be in anthropology and 6 in related fields. At least 18 semester hours must be in upper division courses (300-400 level). Three of the six hours in related fields must be in statistics. Related fields are determined by the student in consultation with the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor. For a complete description, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Coursework in anthropology completed at other institutions will be evaluated through the Anthropology Undergraduate Advising Office. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires that transfer students complete at least 12 hours of upper division coursework at ASU in the department of their major in order to be eligible for graduation. A “C” minimum is required for all courses taken for an Anthropology Major.

List of Anthropology Major Requirements

Undergraduate Minor in Anthropology
The anthropology minor requires 18 semester hours. Two of the introductory courses from ASB 102, ASM 104, and ASB 222 or 223 are required. Please note that the particular introductory courses you select may limit access to upper division anthropology courses. For example, if you select introductory courses in physical anthropology (ASM 104) and archaeology (ASB 222/223), you may not be able to register for an upper division sociocultural anthropology course. The other 12 hours must be upper division and represent at least two of the three subfields of anthropology.

The three subfields include sociocultural anthropology (and linguistics), archaeology, and physical anthropology.

At least one course in each of the subfields selected should be drawn from the "Distribution Requirements" (identified in ASU General Catalog) course listings for Sociocultural/ Linguistics, Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. A “C” minimum is required for all courses taken for an Anthropology Minor.

The minor in anthropology provides students with a great deal of flexibility in selecting courses. The program is designed to allow students to focus on areas within the discipline which articulate well with their major. All students interested in the anthropology minor are encouraged to discuss the options available with the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor.

• See Undergraduate Catalog for a complete description.

• List of Anthropology Minor Requirements (download pdf)

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) Concentration
For students pursuing the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree, a concentration in anthropology requires 24 or 25 semester hours. All three of the introductory courses – ASB 102, ASM 104, and ASB 222 or 223 – are required. Fifteen semester hours must be upper division and represent two of the three subfields: sociocultural anthropology (with linguistics); archaeology; and physical anthropology.

The courses chosen to represent the two subfields must be drawn from the Distribution Requirements (see ASU General Catalog under Department of Anthropology). A minimum grade of “C” (2.00) is required for all courses taken for the minor in Anthropology for BIS students.

List of BIS Concentration Requirements

Latin American Studies Certificate or Emphasis
Students majoring in Anthropology may elect to pursue a Latin American Studies Certificate or emphasis, combining courses from the major with selected outside courses of wholly Latin American content. For more information see Latin American Studies in the ASU General Catalog.

Undergraduate Anthropology Advising
The Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor (Alissa Ruth), in consultation with the student, must approve each student's program of study or declaration of graduation. Consultation with the advisor is recommended each semester.

We encourage both anthropology majors and non-majors to discuss course selections with the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor. The advisor is acquainted with the content and format of courses and with department and college degree requirements. The advising office is located in the Anthropology Building, Room 216. The advisor maintains regular office hours, which are posted at the main office, and is available on a "walk-in" basis. The advisor can be reached via email or at (480) 965-4628.

Anthropology majors from the Barrett Honors College should contact anthropology advisor Dr. Christopher Carr by email ( or telephone (480-965-7650) to discuss requirements, courses, and research and internship possibilities.

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