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Undergraduate Anthropology
Frequently Asked Questions


What can you do with an Anthropology Major?
Anthropologists are readily found in academic, private and public sector jobs. Within each Anthropology discipline (Socio-cultural, Archaeology and Physical Anthropology) there are job specializations. To get a better idea of the kind of jobs available to students of Anthropology review the listings of a few national organizations to learn more about career potential.

American Anthropology Association
Career Links and Resources
Society for American Archaeology
Career Links and Resources
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Career Links and Resources

Can I contact working anthropologists who have received their degree from ASU?
There are ASU Anthropology Alumni that are available to answer career questions. Use the CLASWorks Contact for more information.

Where do I get my faculty mentor in Anthropology?
There is currently no formal Faculty Mentor program. Students are encouraged to contact faculty whose research interests match their own. Make an appointment during faculty office hours. All Anthropology faculty set aside regular officer hours to interact with students and prospective majors. Students are encouraged to take opportunities to discuss their interests and goals with faculty outside the normal classroom setting. Office hours are posted in the Anthropology Building on a bulletin board outside the Department Office. (Link to Faculty web Pages).

Where can I find out about the ASU General Requirements for a Degree?
Go to the ASU web directory for the ASU General Catalog
There are also some useful Advising websites available to students.
CLAS Requirements
ASU General Studies Advising FAQ
General Requirements FAQ
I am interested in a Concurrent Degree (a.k.a. “Double Major”)
Review the CLAS requirements and checklist for a Concurrent Degree tagert=”_blank”

What resources are available to me as a student in Anthropology at ASU?
Link to Undergraduate Resources page
Barrett Honors College
CLAS Awards and Scholarships
Student RA/REU positions where are these posted?
Work Study
International Studies IPO