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Bioarchaeology of the Osmore Valley, Perú

(1984 - present)

This project focuses upon the social and biological dimensions of human change across time and through space. The context is the Osmore River valley of southern Perú.

Research Team
  • Jane E. Buikstra
  • Maria Cecilia Lozada C.
  • Kelly Knudson
  • Karl Reinhard
  • Sloan Willians
  • Sonia Guillen
  • Cecil Lewis
  • Deborah Blom

Museo Contisuyo
Centro Mallqui
University of Chicago

Sources of Funding
National Science Foundation
University of Chicago

Publications & Presentations

Jane E. Buikstra, ed. (1990)
A Life in Science: Papers in Honor of J. Lawrence Angel. Author of two chapters: "Introduction" (with L. M. Hoshower) and "A Case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis from Pre-Columbian Peru" (with A. Poznanski, M.C. Lozada , P. Goldstein, and L. Leuschner). Biological Anthropology Unit of the American Anthropological Association, by the Center for American Archaeology.

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El Señorío de Chiribaya en la Costa Sur del Perú. Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Lima-Peru.

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Wilmar L. Salo, Arthur C. Aufderheide, Jane E.Buikstra, and Todd A. Holcomb (1994)
Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA in a Pre-Columbian Peruvian Mummy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 91:2091-2094.

Larry W. Cartmell, Arthur C. Aufderheide, Angela Springfield, Jane E. Buikstra, Bernardo Arriaza, Cheryl Weems (1994)
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Maria C. Lozada, Deborah E.. Blom and Jane E. Buikstra (1997)
The Practice of Artificial Deformation in Precolumbian Peru. El Chaski. Organo Periodistico de Peruvian Arts Society pp.7.

Contact: Jane E. Buikstra