Your Stay in South Africa


Getting to Cape Town
You will need to fly into Cape Town as your final flight destination. Flights from the United States can be direct to South Africa (from Atlanta or New York) or throught Europe. Some flights to Cape Town stop first in Johannesburg. Transport to Cape Town is at your own expense. We will collect you from Cape Town airport when you arrive. Tours and accommodation can be arranged for people wishing to extend their stay in South Africa.
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Cape Town
While in Cape Town students will stay at a guesthouse located close to the institute. Accommodation will be booked for you but you are responsible for paying the cost of your stay. We suggest you share rooms as this will be considerably cheaper. The cost is about $15 per person per day excluding food. Facilities are provided for you at the guesthouse to prepare your own meals. Allow about $10 per day.
Potberg accommodation
Potberg Centre, De Hoop
The University of Bergen financed the renovation of a Victorian stone house at Potberg in 2003 making it suitable for student and staff accommodation during field schools. You stay at the Potberg house for five weeks in shared rooms. Located in a magnificent setting at the foot of the Potberg mountain, itís the ideal location for strolls along mountain paths or for spotting wild game.
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Walking traills
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Kitchen at Potberg
During the stay in De Hoop, students are required to assist with cooking and cleaning duties. The program coordinator will draw up a roster for these duties. If you have special meal requirements or specific food allergies please inform the International Programs Office as soon as possible. We will endeavour to meet these where possible but please be aware that basic conditions in the field may limit the variations that are requested. Click to view larger image!
The program fee covers your accommodation, local transportation, most meals, and some weekend trips during the stay at De Hoop. You will need to budget for extra expenses such as laundry, occasional meals when away from De Hoop, snacks, drinks etc. Additional weekend trips may be offered during your stay and if you wish to participate, it will be at your own expense.
On the way to the Cederberg
Western Cape Tour
During your stay at Blombos and on the tour of the southern and western Cape transport, accommodation and foods costs are covered by your fee. You will need to pay for meals while on the road, snacks, drinks etc.
The Cape Field School programme is based in South Africa, and part of its aim is for students to have a totally local experience. South Africa is culturally very diverse and, although many South Africans can and do speak English, it should be kept in mind that there are also 10 other official languages. South Africa is in some ways similar, but also very different to Europe, not only linguistically, but also in cultural and social aspects such as customs, etiquette, food, music and entertainment. As such it should be a stimulating destination for enquiring minds.

Enjoy the experience of being in Africa!