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Michael Winkelman
Ph.D. UC Irvine 1985; M.P.H. University of Arizona 2002
Associate Professor

SHESC Themes: Culture, Heritage and Identity; Biological, Social and Cultural Dimensions of Human Health

Field specializations: ethnicity, medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, ritual and belief, sociocultural anthropology

Regional focus: North America (West), Mesoamerica


About Research
Winkelman is principally interested in neurotheological perspectives on shamanism, traditional healing practices involving altered states of consciousness, and intercultural relations and cross-cultural competency. Areas of longstanding interest include the psychophysiological and social bases of traditional magico-religious healing systems.

Winkelman's applied work focuses on U.S. interethnic relations and the development of cultural competency in the helping professions, especially medicine and nursing. He is the director of the Summer Ethnographic Field School held in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

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Select Publications
Winkelman, M. (1992)
Shamans, Priests and Witches

Winkelman, M. (1992, 1998)
Ethnic Relations in the U.S.: A Sociohistorical Cultural Systems Approach

Winkelman, M. and W. Andritsky, editors (1996)
Sacred Plants, Consciousness and Healing (edited with W. Andritsky).

Winkelman, M. (1999)
Ethnic Sensitivity in Social Work

Winkelman, M. (2000)
Shamanism: The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing

Winkelman, M. (2003)
Shamanisms and Survival (Guest Edited Issue of Cultural Survival Quarterly, Summer 2003).

Winkelman, M. and Philip Peek, editors (2004)
Divination and Healing: Potent Vision (edited with Philip Peek)

Winkelman, M. and Jill Dubisch, editors (2005)
Pilgrimages and Healing (edited with Jill Dubisch)

Winkelman, M. (2005)
Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity and Competence

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Contact: Michael Winkelman

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