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Christopher M. Stojanowski
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Assistant Professor

SHESC Themes: Culture, Heritage and Identity; Human Origins, Evolution and Diversity

Field specializations: bioarchaeology, demographics, ethnohistory, forensic, anthropology, math and statistics, native north america, physical anthropology, postcolonialism, quantitative methods

Regional focus: North America (Southeast)


About Research
I am interested in the short and long-term effects of microevolution and demography on human community formation, manifestations of identity and ethnicity, and transformation in community organization. My research focuses on both colonial period processes of tribal ethnogenesis and long-term relationships between cultural and biological variation. My interest in modeling long-term relational processes requires use of archaeological data. Therefore, my research is morphological in scope and primarily focused on the dentition.

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Select Publications
CM Stojanowski (2005)
Biocultural Histories in La Florida: A Bioarchaeological Perspective. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

CM Stojanowski (2005)
Biological structure of the San Pedro y San Pablo de Patale mission cemetery. Southeastern Archaeology 24:165-179.

CM Stojanowski (2005)
Spanish colonial effects on Native American mating structure and genetic variability in northern and central Florida: Evidence from Apalache and Western Timucua. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 28:273-286.

CM Stojanowski, JE Buikstra (2005)
Research trends in human osteology: A content analysis of papers published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 128:98-109.

CM Stojanowski (2005)
The bioarchaeology of identity in Spanish colonial Florida: Social and evolutionary transformation before, during, and after demographic collapse. American Anthropologist 107:417-431.

MA Schillaci, CM Stojanowski (2005)
Social structure and biosocial interaction among the prehistoric Tewa. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 126:404-412.

CM Stojanowski, JE Buikstra (2004)
Biodistance analysis, a biocultural enterprise: A rejoinder to Armelagos and Van Gerven (2003). American Anthropologist 106:430.

CM Stojanowski (2004)
Population history of native groups in pre- and postcontact Spanish Florida: aggregation, gene flow, and genetic drift on the southeastern U.S. Atlantic coast. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 123:316-322.

CM Stojanowski (2003)
Matrix decomposition model for investigating prehistoric intracemetery biological variation. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 122:216-231.

CM Stojanowski (2003)
Differential phenotypic variability among the Apalachee populations of La Florida: A diachronic perspective. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 120:352-363.

MA Schillaci and CM Stojanowski (2003)
Postmarital residence and biological variation at Pueblo Bonito. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 120:1-15.

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Curriculum Vitae: Download pdf

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Contact: Christopher M. Stojanowski