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Margaret C. Nelson
Ph.D. University of California at Santa Barbara 1981
Professor and Associate Dean, Barrett Honors College

SHESC Themes: Societies and Their Natural Environments

Field specializations: archaeology, ecology, gender, land use, social organization

Regional focus: North America (Southwest)


About Research
Nelson conducts research on long-term cycles of change in human organization and land use. Her current interest is on changing economic and social strategies associated with population aggregation and dispersion among pueblo dwellers of the 11th through 14th centuries in the Mogollon region. This research has been funded by NGS, NIH, U.S. Department of Education, and private foundations. In addition she is lead PI of an interdisciplinary research group from ecology and anthropology examining cycles of stability and transformation across the last 1000 years in the North American Southwest and Northern Mexico.

In addition, she has examined aspects of the current status of women in archaeology. She has served on the Executive Board of the Society for American Archaeology and as Treasurer for the Archaeology Division of the American Anthropological Association. She is a member and past chair of the Society for American Archaeology's Committee on the Status of Women in Archaeology.

About Teaching
Nelsonís teaching emphasizes critical thinking and effective communication. In 2001 she was named Centennial Professor by the Associated Students of ASU. In 2005 she was selected Parents Association professor of the Year. She is the President of the Distinguished teaching Academy at ASU.

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Select Publications
Nelson, M., and K. Schollmeyer (2003)
Game resources, social interaction, and the ecological footprint in southwest New Mexico, 1000 1150. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 10(2):69-110.

Nelson, M., and G. Schachner (2002)
Understanding abandonments in the North American Southwest. Journal of Archaeological Research 10(2):167 206.

Nelson, M., D. Glowacki, and A. J. Smith (2002)
The impact of women on household economies: A Maya case study. Pp. 125-154 in S. Nelson, ed., In pursuit of gender, worldwide archaeological perspectives. Alta Mira Press.

Nelson, M., and M. Hegmon (2001)
Abandonment is not as it seems: An approach to the relationship between site and regional abandonment. American Antiquity 66(2):213 235.

Nelson, M. (2000)
Abandonment: Conceptualization, representation, and social change. Pp 52 62 in M.B. Schiffer, ed., Explorations in social theory. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

Ed. S. Nelson and A. Wylie (1994)
Equity Issues for Women in Archaeology

Ed. S. Nelson (1991)
Study of Technological Organization, Archaeological Method and Theory

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Contact: Margaret C. Nelson

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