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William H. Kimbel
Ph.D., Kent State University, 1986

SHESC Themes: Human Origins, Evolution and Diversity

Field specializations: human environment interaction, human osteology, lithic technology, paleoanthropology, physical anthropology

Regional focus: Africa (East, North, Southern)


About Research
Kimbel is Science Director in the Institute of Human Origins. He conducts field, laboratory, and theoretical research in paleoanthropology, with a primary focus on Plio-Pleistocene hominid evolution in Africa. He has undertaken field and/or laboratory research in Ethiopia (Hadar) and Tanzania (Olduvai Gorge), as well as in Kenya, South Africa, and Tunisia. He also has research interests in Late Pleistocene hominid evolution and has collaborated with Israeli colleagues in excavations in the Middle Paleolithic Neandertal-bearing cave of Amud.

On the theoretical side, Kimbel is interested in the application of evolutionary and systematic theory to paleoanthropological problems. He has twice served as Associate Editor of Journal of Human Evolution and has been that journal's Book Review Editor.

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Select Publications
Kimbel, W.H. and L. Martin, Eds. (1993)
Species, Species Concepts and Primate Evolution (Plenum).

Kimbel, W.H. with D. Johanson and Y. Rak (1997)
Systematic Position of a Maxillla of Homo from Hadar, Ethiopia, American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1997).

Kimbel, W.H. with R. Walter, D. Johanson, K. Reed, and others (1996)
Late Pliocene Homo and Oldowan Tools from the Hadar Formation (Kada Hadar Member), Ethiopia, Journal of Human Evolution.

Kimbel, W.H. (1995)
Hominid Speciation and Pliocene Climatic Change, in Paleoclimate and Evolution, with an Emphasis on Human Origins (1995).

Kimbel, W.H. with E. Hovers, Y. Rak, and R. Lavi (1995)
Hominid Remains from Amud Cave in the Context of the Levantine Middle Paleolithic, Paléorient.

Kimbel, W.H. with with D. Johanson and Y. Rak (1994)
The First Skull and Other New Discoveries of Australopithecus afarensis from Hadar, Ethiopia, Nature.

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Contact: William H. Kimbel