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Edward J. Hackett
Ph.D., Cornell University

SHESC Themes:Societies and Their Natural Environments, Urban Societies

Field specializations: group dynamics, human environment interaction, risk and hazards, social organization, sociology

Regional focus: North America (Southwest)


About Research
Ed Hackett studies the social organization and dynamics of scientific research, asking how patterns of interaction, leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration, and other factors influence the production of knowledge.

He has written on many other aspects of science, technology, and society, including research misconduct, the scientific career, science and law, university-industry research relations, and environmental justice. Before coming to ASU he had been Program Officer for the NSF Science and Technology Studies Program (1996-98) and a professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Select Publications
Hackett, Edward J. with with Olga Amsterdamska, Michael Lynch, and Judy Wajcman, co-editors (expected 2007)
The New Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, MIT Press.

Hackett, Edward J. (2005)
“Essential Tensions: Identity, Control, and Risk in Research,” in Social Studies of Science, 35:5, pp.787-825. (Download pdf)

Hackett, Edward J. with David Conz, John Parker, Jonathon Bashford, and Susan DeLay (2004)
“Tokamaks and Turbulence: Research Ensembles, Policy and Technoscientific Work,” Research Policy (Download pdf).

Hackett, Edward J., Edward K. Sadalla, K. David Pijawka, Eric Matranga and Maureen O’Donnell (2002)
“Technological risk in a Sunbelt city,” Enviromment and Planning A, vol.34, pp.317-339. (Download pdf)

Hackett, Edward J., Edward K. Sadalla, K. David Pijawka, Debbie Brewer and Diane Sicotte (2000)
“Environmental equity in a sunbelt city: the spatial distribution of toxic hazads in Phoenix, Arizona", Environmental Hazards 2, pp.11-24. (Download pdf)

Hackett, Edward J. with Daryl E. Chubin, co-authors (1990)
Peerless Science: Peer Review and U.S. Science Policy, SUNY Press.

Hackett, Edward J. (1990)
“Science as a Vocation in the 1990s: The Changing Organizational Culture of Academic Science” in the Journal of Higher Education, vol.61, No.3 (May-June), pp.241-79. (Download pdf)

Hackett, Edward J. (1994)
“A Social Control Perspective on Scientific Misconduct,” Journal of Higher Education, 65:3, pp.242-260. (Download pdf)

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Curriculum Vitae: Download PDF

Contact: Edward J. Hackett