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Christopher G. Boone
Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1994
Associate Professor

SHESC Themes: Urban Societies; Societies and Their Natural Environments

Field specializations: geography, human ecology, human environment interaction, risk and hazards, space and place, spatial technologies, urban geography, urban studies

Regional focus: North America (East)


About Research
My academic work contributes to the three broad categories of urban, historical, and environmental geography. I have endeavored to understand the nature of cities, urban life, and the relationship between cities and the natural environment, primarily from a historical point of view. I am particularly interested in the processes responsible for changes in the urban landscape, and the consequences of those changes for human beings and the environment. Three themes tie together my research: the study of urban infrastructure, public health, and environmental justice.

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About Teaching
I have taught a variety of courses that fall within the broad categories of urban studies, environmental studies, historical geography, and Geographic Information Systems.

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Select Publications
Boone, Christopher G. and Modarres, Ali. (in production—expected fall 2005)
City and Environment. Philadelphia: Temple University Press

Grove, J.M., M. Cadenasso, W.R. Burch, Jr., S.T.A. Pickett, J.P.M. O’Neil-Dunne, K. Schwarz, M. Wilson, A. R. Troy and C. Boone
"Data and Methods Comparing Social Structure and Vegetation Structure of Urban Neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland." Society & Natural Resources.

Boone, Christopher G.
"Obstacles to Infrastructure Provision: The Struggle to Build Comprehensive Sewer Works in Baltimore." Historical Geography (2003) 31: 151-168.

Boone, Christopher G.
"An Assessment and Explanation of Environmental Inequity in Baltimore." Urban Geography (2002) 23, 6: 581-595.

Mercier, Michael E., and Christopher G. Boone
"Infant Mortality in Ottawa, Canada, 1901: Assessing Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Factors." Journal of Historical Geography (2002) 28, 4: 486-507.

Boone, Christopher G. and Ali Modarres
"Creating a Toxic Neighborhood in Los Angeles County: A Historical Examination of Environmental Inequity." Urban Affairs Review (1999) 35, 2:163-187.

Boone, Christopher G.
Real Estate Promotion and the Shaping of Los Angeles." Cities (1998) 15, 3:155-163.

Boone, Christopher G.
"Private Initiatives to Make Flood Control Public: The St. Gabriel Levee and Railway Company in Montreal." Historical Geography (1997) 25:100-112.

Boone, Christopher G.
"Cities and Environment in Historical Perspective: An Introduction." Historical Geography (1997) 25:46-48

Boone, Christopher G.
"Language Politics and Flood Control in Nineteenth-Century Montreal." Environmental History (July 1996) 1(3): 70-85.

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Contact: Christopher G. Boone

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