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J. Marty Anderies
Ph.D., Applied Mathematics
Assistant Professor

SHESC Themes: Societies and Their Natural Environments, Global Dynamics and Regional Interactions

Field specializations: human ecology, human environment interaction, mathematical bioeconomics, modeling and simulation

Regional focus: International


About Research
My current research interests focus on robust management and robust institutional design for coupled social-ecological systems. I study a range of archaeological, historical, and present-day examples of social-ecological systems using formal mathematical modeling and analysis to develop an understanding of ecological, behavioral, social, and institutional factors that generate vulnerability and/or enhance resilience and robustness in social-ecological systems. Other areas of interest include economic growth, demographics, and the environment and mathematical modeling in community ecology.

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Other Activities
Dr. Anderies is affiliated with the International Institute for Sustainability, the IGERT program in Urban Ecology, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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Select Publications
Anderies, John M. (2005)
Robustness, Institutions, and Large-Scale Change in Social-Ecological Systems: The Hohokam of the Phoenix Basin. Journal of Institutional Economics, In press

Anderies, John M. (2005)
Minimal models and agroecological policy at the regional scale: An application to salinity problems in southeastern Australia. Regional Environmental Change 5(1): 1-17.

Anderies, John M., M. Janssen, and E. Ostrom (2004)
A Framework to Analyze the Robustness of Social-ecological Systems from an Institutional Perspective Ecology and Society 9(1):

Janssen, Marco A., J. Anderies, and B. Walker (2004)
Robust strategies for managing rangelands with multiple stable states. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 47: 140-162.

Anderies, John M. (2003)
Economic growth, demographics, and renewable resources: A dynamical systems approach. Environment and Development Economics 8(2): 219-246.

Pezzey, John C. V. and J. Anderies (2003)
The effect of subsistence on collapse and institutional adaptation in population-resource societies. Journal of Development Economics 72(1): 299-320.

Anderies, John M., M. Janssen, and B. Walker (2002)
Grazing management, resilience and the dynamics of a fire driven rangeland system. Ecosystems 5(1): 23-4

Anderies, John M. (2000)
On modeling human behavior and institutions in simple ecological economic systems. Ecological Economics 35: 393-412.

Anderies, John M. (1998)
Culture and human agro-ecosystem dynamics: The Tsembaga of New Guinea. Journal of Theoretical Biology 192(4): 515-530.

Anderies, John M. (1996).
An adaptive model for predicting ! Kung reproductive performance: A stochastic dynamic programming approach. Ethology and Sociobiology 17(5): 221-245.

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Contact: J. Marty Anderies

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