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Recommended Reading - Argentina



Jorge Juis Borges

Collected Fictions

Julio Cortazar

Blow-up: And Other Stories

Roberto Arlt

Mad Toy
The Seven Madmen

Adolfo Bioy Caseres

A Russian Doll: And Other Stories
Selected Stories
The Invention of Morel

Silvina Ocampo

The Topless Tower
Leopoldina's Dream

Manuel Puig

Kiss of the Spider Woman
Heartbreak Tango
Betrayed by Rita Hayworth
The Buenos Aires Affair

Leopoldo Lugones

Strtange Forces
Selected Writings

Marco Denevi

The Redemption of the Cannibal and Other Stories

Federico Andahazi

The Anatomist
The Merciful Women

Tomás Eloy Martinez

Santa Evita
The Tanfo Singer
The Peron Novel

Osvaldo Soriano

Funny Dirty Little War
Winter Quarters

Ricardo Piglia

The Absent City
Artificial Respiration
Money to Burn
Assumed Name

Eduardo Belgrano Rawson

Washing Dishes in Hotel Paradise

Griselda Gambaro

Information for Foreigners



Alejandra Pizarnik

Exchanging Lives

Juan Gelman

Unthinkable Tenderness



Victoria Ocampo
Manuel Mijica Láinez
Ernesto Sábato
Leopoldo Marechal
Roberto Cossa
Rodolfo Walsh
Maria Elena Walsh
Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill
José Hernández (poesia gauchesca, Martin Fierro)
Ricardo Güiraldes (in the same tradition)