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Preschool Phonology Groups

Preschool Phonology Groups are for 3-5 year-old children with speech impairments. The groups meet on MWF or TTh mornings. In these groups children acquire important speech sounds and production skills in the context of fun, game-based activities.

Preschool Play Group

The Preschool Classes are for children ranging in age from 3 to 5 years, meeting on MWF or TTh mornings. Class size is limited to 14 children. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic and more complex speech and language abilities as well as language-based school readiness including listening and attending skills, early literacy and numeracy skills. Language and play form the basis of the curriculum, as children are provided with a rich variety of opportunities for learning important cognitive and problem-solving skills, motor coordination, self-help, and social skills.

Toddler Play Group

The Toddler Play Groups provide language and developmental experiences for children ranging in age from 18-36 months. Children are grouped to minimize age ranges within a given class. These 2-hour sessions are held twice weekly, meeting on MW or TTh mornings. Groups are limited to 8 children. A play-based format serves to promote communication, language, motor, and social emotional skills. Program activities are more structured as children approach age three, providing children with an assortment of props to facilitate participation in defined activities such as art, music, and story time. A play-based format serves to promote communication, language, motor, and social emotional skills.

Supplemental Services for Children with Autism

Individual Speech Therapy focuses on children's unique needs. Goals to achieve functional communication are primary targets.  Children also work on increasing initiations and joint attention with their communication partners. Sessions are child-directed with adults arranging the environment to support communication interactions.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend each session in order to learn strategies and support generalization of skills.

Parents as Partners Toddler Group meets for eight weeks (1.5 hours/week).  The first session is for parents and focuses on strategies that they can use to interact with their children. Parents (or caregivers) and their children jointly attend the remaining 7 sessions so that the parents have opportunities to practice hands on strategies such as Picture Exchange Communication, Pivotal Response Treatments, and communication temptations.