The Mid-UV Team members gratefully acknowledge support from NASA grants GO 8645.*, AR-8765.*, and GO 9124.*, and R.S. de Jong acknowledges support from NASA through Hubble Fellowship grant HF-01106.01-A, awarded by STScI, which is operated by AURA for NASA under contract NAS 5-26555. R.A. Windhorst, C.A.T. Chiarenza, and S.C. Odewahn acknowledge support from NASA ADP grant NAG-6740. C.A.T. Chiarenza and V.A. Taylor acknowledge support from a NASA Space Grant Graduate Fellowship at ASU.

We thank Tony Roman and the STScI staff for their excellent help in getting these HST observations scheduled.

We thank the staff of the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, in particular Richard Boyle, Chris Corbally, and Matt Nelson, for their excellent help in obtaining a large fraction of the ground-based images that are part of this project.

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Last updated: Aug 29, 2002

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