Welcome to AST 114, Astronomy Lab II for Spring 2017!

Background and Introduction

There are 4 types of lab exercises that you will be doing: Naked-eye based, Telescope-based, Computer/Instrument-based, and Observatory data based. You will meet during the SAME time slot every week, but your classroom may change every week. Please check the Schedule button on the left for the room in which your section will meet each week. This schedule is TENTATIVE, so both the room number and Labs assigned to your Lab section each week schedule may change throughout the semester. Attendance will be taken at the start of each Lab section.

During the first lab meeting of the semester, you will be given a math evaluation exercise, so that you can determine if you will be comfortable with the level of math used in this course. Hence, don't miss the first meeting of the labs! There is no lab manual to purchase for this course. Click on Lab Scripts to see which Labs exercises will be used. You will be expected to download these Lab Scripts each week (except the first week of Labs), print them out, and bring a paper copy to class. Make sure you know how to do this, and click on Contacts to get in touch with your TA if needed.

There are several requisites for this class. First you all need to make sure you have web access. This is a requirement for this class. The University has provided ample access to computers all across the Main campus and throughout the residence halls. Second, you need to have an email address that you read regularly (daily), since this may be the primary mechanism that your TA will use to contact you. If you have a problem with these policies, you need to see the Instructor for the class. He is Dr. Rogier Windhorst and can be reached in room GWC-508 or at (480) 965-7143 or (480) 965-5081 (checked daily), or at Rogier.Windhorst@asu.edu (checked less frequently).

There are NO LABS the ENTIRE FIRST WEEK of classes on the ASU Tempe campus: Mo Jan. 09-Th Jan. 12, 2017. ALL AST Labs on the ASU Tempe campus START the SECOND week of the semester, i.e., on Tuesday Jan. 17-Monday Jan. 23, 2017.

Monday Jan. 16 is Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, so there are NO Labs that day. The University has Spring Break March 5-12, 2017, when all classes and labs are also excused. All Labs sections will do a minimum of 12 Labs + the Math Quiz during the semester (see Schedule page).

MAIN CLASS URL: http://windhorst114.asu.edu/

MIRROR SITE (in case main URL is down): http://www.asu.edu/clas/hst/classes/ast114/