AST 114 - URL's relevant to the Astronomy Labs in Spring 2017


MIRROR SITE (in case main URL is down):

Other URL's useful to the AST 113/114 Labs: (Some links you will need to cut/paste into a new browser window to work) --- The ASU Planetarium in the ISTB4 Auditorium --- The monthly ASU Earth and Space Open House --- Nice page for all Solar System bodies --- NASA's Welcome to the Planets --- Best of the Hubble Space Telescope --- Astronomy Picture Of the Day --- Tempe Weather for Today®ion=we --- Continuous Satellite Weather --- Quantitative Weather Prediction for Tonight! --- Observing Calendar for Spring2017 or --- Wiki or Google sky --- Find planets! --- Satellite Tracking --- The NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) --- ASU work and talks on JWST

If you see someone in distress, please have them contact or call 480-965-6146 (ASU Counseling Services; room SSB-334) or the following 24/7 numbers: 480-921-1006 or 480-965-3456 or 911.

Other AST 111/112 undergraduate Astronomy Classes taught at ASU this semester: --- AST 111 or 112 - by either Professors Asphaug, Bowman, Butler, Desch, Groppi, Line, Malhotra, Mauskopf, Patience, Rhoads, Rhoden, Scannapieco, Scowen, Shkolnik, Starrfield, Timmes, Walker, and/or Young.

Other Astronomy classes by Prof. Windhorst: --- AST 111 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 112 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 113 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 114 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- SES 103 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- SES 104 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 422 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 533 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 598 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst --- AST 591 - Prof. R. A. Windhorst

Astronomy Colloquia at ASU in Spring 2017:

AST TA meeting times (all TA's must attend):

Every Monday 1:30-3:00 pm in PSH-461 (with room PSH-456 or PSF-465 as backup), or shorter as needed.