Also, Sally Holguin proudly told about her grandmother's way with flowers: "Grandmother would rise before daylight and water her flowers early all the while singing alabanzas to them. " The flowers bloomed to such degree and amazement of an uncle, Nicolas, who wondered out loud as to why the flowers of Chepita were more beautiful than his. Her grandmother? she just watered the flowers, not used fertilizers and chemicals like he did, but she sang to them.

Memories of grandmothers and grandfathers in relation to their piety, prayer practices, and some sign)ficance of their faith lingered on with those who received santos from them. Sally Holguin remembered about the time her grandmother lived across some alley behind Grants School. From her grandmother Holguin learned more about the saints. She remembered how she experienced tranquility and security when visiting her grandmother. It was a two room house. "I slept in a small room with fragile walls and a window facing an alley, along which walked wings, yet, I was never afraid. The borachitos (drunks) passed, anyone could have punched open a window, but this never happened." She added, "My grandmother blessed the windows and doors. Nobody ever bothered her. Why? Her Faith! Today, I realize why I slept so soundly."