THE FAITHFUL VISITED indicated personal types of personal piety. They expressed private and familial devotions. One, for example, Ms. Josie Navarro, from Phoenix, a 125 lb. weight class woman. champion wrestler called "La Bamba", who won the Southwest Championship in 1987 in the World Wrestling Federation, sponsored an annual prayer session to EI Santo Nino deAtocha. Her husband, John Guerrero, joined Josie in hosting the all night vigil with the Santo Nino. Josie inherited the custom of "Velar al Santo Nino" from her mother, Luisa Navarro. When Josie was a child of eight months old, she suffered from Nastoid Fever in the ears. Her mother made a "Manda" (a promise made to God or a saint to comply with some prayer or other spiritual act of devotion in return for a special favor answered through prayer). Her mother promised to do an all night vigil of prayer to el Santo Nino each year. Josie got well when she was about two years old. Josie's mother faithfully complied with her manda each year for twenty-four years. In 1962, Josie inherited from her mother the Santo Nino and the devotion. Josie has kept the annual "Velacion del Santo Nino" each year ever since. Her mother joins Josie at the prayer vigil. Sometimes a priest prays the rosary or at other times her mother prays it. Friends and relatives join Josie at the Velacion held each year during Christmas. "After the twenty-fifth (Christmas) more people come," said Josie Navarro, and added, "When we pray, we pray for all."