Sue Gilbertson. Founder of Mentally Ill Kids In Distress (MIKID)

Sue Gilbertson graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Business and Economics. She served a number of mental health organizations, among them: The Arizona Alliance for the Mentally Ill; and National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. She co-founded and was past president of the North Valley Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Gilbertson was member of the board of the Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation. She served as Treasurer of the Arizona Foundation for Behavioral Health. She served on the advisory boards of the Mental Health Association of Arizona and Arizona's Councils of Behavioral Health Planning and Children's Behavioral Health. In 1987 Gilbertson founded Mentally Ill Kids in Distress (MIKID) and served as president of its board of directors in 1996. In other activities, Gilbertson performed as the senior vice president of the ladies Auxiliary of the USS Arizona Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. She was a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Sue Gilbertson received


the following awards: the Arizona State Hospital Service Award in 1989, J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award in 1990, Codama's "Eddie Valdez Memorial Award" in 1991, "Terros" Community Award in 1992, and "Spirit of Comcare" Award for community contributions in 1996.