Steve Zozaya. Businessman

Steve Zozaya was born in Kingman, Arizona on December 26, 1918. His parents' names were Miguel and Manuela Zozaya. Steve Zozaya attended Kingman High School. He was active in football and earned a scholarship for his excellence in Football and went on to attend Arizona State College (Northern Arizona University, today). Zozaya became a four-year letterman. Kingman's newspapers recognized his sportsmanship and Zozaya was often featured in their Sports Section.

Steve Zozaya served in World War II in the U.S. Army for a period of four years. Zozaya was assigned to Company G Arizona 158th Infantry Regiment known as the Bushmasters. As a result of his distinguished service and valor, Steve Zozaya received the Purple Heart. Company G was the only Company to receive a Presidential Citation during World War II.

In 1945 Steve Zozaya married Miss Julia Soto, a local Colorado River area beauty.


Together they had one son, Steven Zozaya II. Steve and Julia, as they were better known, had seven grandchildren.

In the early 1960s Steve Zozaya operated the successful Zozaya Construction Company in Phoenix. In the late 1970s Zozaya went into the business of Radio Broadcasting with his wife Julia. Together they acquired a FCC Radio Frequency license. They established KNNN Radio Station, the first FM frequency in Arizona to broadcast in the Spanish language. Steve Zozaya was active in community service; he became a member of the Arizona League of United Latin American Citizens in 1962. Steve served numerous years as President of Phoenix LULAC Council 284 and also served two terms as State Director. Steve was accorded the National State Director, 1970-72 award.

In 1966 Zozaya founded Arizona Service Employment Redevelopment (SER). By 1978 SER had become a major Arizona Employment Program with funding at a level of over seven million dollars, statewide. In 1978 Steve Zozaya became Chairman of the National Board of Directors of SER; at that time SER at the national level was sponsoring more than 130 million dollars in employment programs across the nation.

Included among the many other notable accomplishments of Steve Zozaya were: The Founder of Phoenix Residential Manpower Center-Job Corp., 1972; Member of the Board of Directors of United Way, 1970-75; Member of the Advisory Council for Spanish American Economic Development, Small Business Administration; Member of the Bushmasters Association, 1991; and Steve Zozaya was appointed by the late President Richard M. Nixon to a lifetime term on the U.S. Selective Service Board.