Pete Bugarin. Musician, bandleader

Music Maker Pete Bugarin provided dancing music for Mexican Americans in dance halls during an era of popular weekly dancing.

Pedro Cheretin Bugarin first greeted the world in June 28, 1917 in Marinette, Arizona (Where now Sun City is located). Pedro Bugarin began his music career early when he attended Phoenix Union High School. There he played the guitar and sang Spanish songs. He joined the Spanish Club. He and Frank Lopez, a friend who played and sang with him, approached and were contracted by K.O.Y. for initiating a Spanish language program. Mexican music, commercials, announcements were much appreciated by the Spanish-speaking audience. They responded with hundreds of letters. Pedro Bugarin, while yet very young, decided to acquire a very popular orchestra named "Los Caballeros Alegres" led by Manuel Esquer with six musicians and a girl singer named Toni Carlos. Pedro Bugarin left KOY


on June, 1936. Pedro Bugarin created live music and recordings with his 10 piece orchestra, the Music Makers including Carmen and Laura, Juke Box favorites; Maria Luisa Soto, Television and Radio Star; Ricardo Rico, Mexican singer called the "Mexican Frank Sinatra"; and Narciso Martinez, King of the Polka. The orchestra, by popular demand at weekly dance-hall bailes at the Calderón, Casino, and others including out of state performances, made Arizona history.