Olivia Salazar Garcia Moran. Restaurant Entrepreneur

Olivia Salazar Garcia Moran for many years made her name by beginning and operating Mexican food restaurants. Olivia was born on August 25, 1929 in Phoenix to parents Pedro and Maria Salazar. She married Julio M. Garcia in 1946. Ten years later in 1956 Olivia realized a personal dream by starting a food take-out counter. Three years later in 1959 Olivia opened a full-service restaurant on 35th Avenue and McDowell. In 1970, She opened a restaurant called Garcia's del Este in Scottsdale and Camelback. In 1970, Olivia's daughter Maria (Lani) and husband Dick Lipson became involved with the restaurant business, and later moved to a new location at Indian School Road and Miller. This restaurant was named Julio's in honor of Maria's father. In 1978 through 1982 two more restaurants were opened: Garcia's Metro on 35th Avenue and Peoria, and Garcia's Las Villas on 44th Street and Camelback. Olivia and Julio Garcia sold all their restaurants in 1984 with the exception of Garcia's Las Avenidas, also known as Garcia's Original


located at 2212 N. 35th Avenue. Five years later, Julio M. Garcia died in December, 1989. Olivia and her children Terry, Tony, Jimmy and his wife Neddy continued as operators of the restaurant Garcia's Las Avenidas. The restaurant has become the Mecca on the West Side of Phoenix due to the great following of Olivia's dedicated customers and faithful employees such as Sergio Rodriguez with 25 years of service and Charlotte Sandoval with 40 years of service. In 1992 Olivia Salazar Garcia married Patrick (Pat) Moran, who not only became a member of the family but an asset to the business, as well. On October 1, 1996 Olivia Garcia Moran was inducted into the Arizona Business Hall of Fame. She was named one of the distinguished laureates in the Awards Presentation.