Mary Jo Franco French M.D. Medical Doctor and Community Service

Dr. Mary Jo Franco-French, M.D. was born in Phoenix, Arizona in January 4, 1936. Her family included husband, Alfred Robert French, M.D. and her children Laura Josefina Franco- French and Alfred Robert French III. Mary Jo French's parents, now deceased, were Jesus Franco, Mexican Consul and Josefina Carrascoso de Franco, Newspaper Publisher and Editor.

Dr. Franco-French won numerous awards including: The Adjutant General's Award, 1982; "El Aguila" outstanding community service award from Alma de la Gente, 1992; Profiles of Success from Valle del Sol, Inc. 1994; and Diocese of Phoenix Ministry Award, 25th Anniversary Celebration, 1994.

Mary Jo attended Xavier High School. She graduated from Arizona State University. She earned her Doctor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Mary Jo Franco-French served as Executive Director of Hispanic Health Coalition; President, Franco-French International,


Translating and interpreting. Her medical service in Mexico City included: Medical practice; staff, General Hospital; and staff, Railroad Hospital. In addition, Dr. Franco- French served actively in various services and organizations in Mexico City: The Medical Society, National Institute of Nutrition, Women's Medical Society, and Ministry of Health and Welfare. She served on the Mexico City Organizational Committee of the 1968 Olympic Games Medical Committee. In Phoenix she served as Publisher and Editor of El Sol, a Spanish Language Weekly, 1970-1980.

Dr. Mary Jo Franco-French's many activities included: In 1952, She presented a medal to President Miguel Aleman of Mexico on behalf of the Mexican community of Phoenix; She was active for many years with the Vesta Club. Dr. Franco-French served in the Defense Advisory Committee for Women in the Services (DACOWITS) and in that capacity visited numerous United States armed forces facilities. She was widely known for her services with Alma de la Gente. Dr. Franco-French assisted the Diocese of Phoenix in various assignments including The Papal visit in1987.