Junius A. Bowman. Retired President & CEO of Phoenix Urban League

Junius Bowman was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but was reared in Battle Creek Michigan. He and his wife Miriam had four children named Sarah, Jane, Clyde, and Sharon. Bowman graduated from Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science. Later Bowman earned a Master of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology from Michigan State University.

Junius Bowman served as president and chief executive officer for the Phoenix Urban League, 1964-1992. During his tenure, Bowman developed a unique limited partnership of donors to purchase a building to house the Urban League. Bowman inaugurated a mixed doubles tennis tournament for the Urban League fund development efforts in 1974. He also developed the Equal Opportunity Day Annual Awards Dinner to honor business community members with Equal Opportunity Employer of the year awards. In the 1970s, Bowman promoted a housing facility for low to middle-income families that became a model for HUD


housing. Later, with the help of Congressman Rhodes and Senator Barry Goldwater, Bowman created a unique housing concept for handicapped and elderly people that included mid-rise buildings with garden apartments on spacious grounds. HUD granted six million to build a complex, which opened in 1981. In 1982 Bowman negotiated an agreement with IBM for a training center to train economically disadvantaged clients. IBM later declared it the country's most comprehensive center.

Junius A. Bowman, in his capacity as president and chief operating officer, guided the Phoenix Urban League to become the most comprehensive community-based organization in the Phoenix area the third largest affiliate within the National Urban League movement.

Mr. Junius A. Bowman served with many civic and cultural affiliations and held positions on various boards: The American Heart Association, Arizona Academy, and Chase Bank of Arizona. Bowman served on the board of directors of Twelve Who Care, Toby House, Inc., and Phoenix Union Partnership.