Humberto Ramon Preciado. Radio, Spanish Language Promoter

Born and raised in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, Humberto Ramon Preciado settled in Phoenix in March, 1954. Initially, Preciado owned a used-car lot. However, by 1960 Preciado promoted radio Spanish language programs at KZON radio in Tolleson. Eventually, Preciado held important posts with other radio stations: KCAC, KIFN, KVVA, and more currently with KSUN. In addition to his accomplishments in radio communications and entertainment, Presiado served various community needs. He assisted with public relations at St. Luke's Hospital Medical Center; he coordinated a project concerning a gift of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe framed print from Archbishop Quintero Arce, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico for St. Luke's Hospital. Bishop McCarthy of Phoenix graciously received the print. Humberto Preciado kept involved in several charitable projects with: Wesley Community Center, Friendly House, Phoenix Police Department, and St. Mary's Food Bank. He served as member of the Valley Christian Center's Board of


Directors. However, Preciado became better known for his work in Radio and Television. For example, Preciado presented a Spanish-language Television program for Channel 21. For 40 years he remained active in Spanish-language Radio. He was heard over KSUN Radio Fiesta 1400AM.