Flagstaff, Arizona was the birthplace of Adam Diaz in September 2, 1909, but he has been a resident of Phoenix for 87 years. He began working with George Luhrs in the Luhrs Hotel as a messenger boy with Western Union. From this humble beginning, after promotion to an elevator operator, he became Superintendent of Properties for the Luhrs properties until his retirement. Adam Diaz is noted for having been elected as Phoenix's first Mexican American City Councilman in1948. He served four years on the council and one year as vice-mayor of the city of Phoenix. Later Diaz served for five years in the Phoenix Elementary School District number one. Adam Diaz has been involved in key projects over the years that made contributions to the downtown Phoenix area. Diaz assisted the government efforts to renew the urban area with clean up and restoration of many downtown buildings and residential areas. He assisted with fund-raising and providing materials of the 1890 vintage for the restoration of Rosson House, to which the
Luhrs properties donated various materials and furniture. Diaz served on the board of directors of two community based organizations: The Friendly House and Chicanos Por La Causa. Adam Diaz served actively in several organizations, commissions, and committees: League for United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Arizona Centennial Commission, the Governor's Conference on Youth, the Boy Scouts board of directors, and Vesta Club. He was honored with the 1994 Profiles of Success Hall of Fame award from Valle Del Sol, Inc.; the 1995 Valley of the Sun Humanitarian Award; and recognized in the 1999 Historymakers Gala V by the Historical League, Inc. of the Arizona Historical Society.

Adam Diaz. City Councilman and Community Service