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Integrating Socio-ecological Sciences through a Community Modeling Framework
March 1-3, 2007
At Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, ASU

This project aims to embed agent-based modeling (ABM) as a tool in normal social science research. This requires standardizing the implementation of ABM in the social sciences, improving usability of ABM software, and training social scientists in the concepts and practice of agent modeling. This project will convene a workshop, followed by a pilot project to organize a center to help make ABM tools more accessible to social scientists.

The pilot project will begin a set of standards and best practices for research and publications using ABM in the social sciences, initiate a modeling archive and component library, establish multi-level training programs in ABM methods and concepts, and establish a community server (CVS) for collaborative software development to improve ABM usability. (At ASU, collaboration involves the School of Human Evolution & Social Change, the School of Computing & Informatics, and the Center for Social Dynamics & Complexity; external collaboration includes the University of Alaska, University of Arizona, and the Santa Fe Institute).

Michael Barton
Marco A. Janssen
Lilian Alessa

Funding: National Science Foundation, Human Social Dynamics Program

Contact: michael.barton at asu.edu

More pictures:

View Agenda of the Workshop (.pdf)

View the List of Participants (.pdf)

Information on Hotel Reservation (.pdf)