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CSDC Core Faculty Member, Jose Lobo’s research on Urban Scaling as part of a research team headed by Geoffrey West, SFI, was recently featured in 'Math and the City" The New York Times (May 19, 2009)
Read more... For more non-technical articles on Jose’s urban scaling work, click here. Make the “click here” a link to this list. That’s all that has to be on the page:

"How the Crash Will Reshape America" The Atlantic (March 2009) Download PDF

"Why the future of humanity and the long-term sustainability of the planet are inextricably linked to the fate of our cities." SEED Magazine (February 2009)

"Urban Myths" Conservation Magazine (January - March 2008)

"Ideas: the lifeblood of cities" New Scientist (May 2007)

"The urban organism" Nature News (April 2007)

"If You Can Make it There: Cities Are the Greatest Generators of Innovation and Wealth" Scientific American (April 2007)

"Big cities need a fast-paced life to grow" Nature News (April 2007)

"Innovation and Growth: Size Matters" Breakthrough Ideas for 2007 : Harvard Business Review

"Ideas: the lifeblood of cities" New Scientist (May 2007)

"The Living City: A new science applies metabolism to the metropolis" SEED magazine (August 2007)