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ASU-CSDC 1st International Conference

International Conference
May 1-May 2, 2009
At The Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, ASU
Arizona State University

In the first of a planned series of meetings, we seek to initiate an ongoing conversation and collaboration among natural, behavioral, and social scientists on the ways in which individual entities organize themselves into groups that subsequently come to act as higher-level entities. The processes of sociogenesis and the dynamics of group sociality are areas of growing interest for research on human and non-human systems, which cut across traditional disciplines.

We begin this conference series by exploring the emergence of coordinated groups.

   * What are the processes by which individuals integrate into social groups?

  * What are the evolutionary, economic, and social drivers of group formation, as well as the costs and benefits of group membership?

  * How and when does coordinated behavior transform groups of individuals into meta-individuals?

CSDC Steering Committee

The Superorganism:
The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies

Bert Holldobler (Author), Edward O. Wilson (Author)

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