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Robert Page

Ph.D., University of California,Davis,1980

Office : LSE 217
Phone : 480-965-1288

Core Scholarly Themes: Behavior and Genetics.

Research Interests: Evolution of complex social behavior.

About Teaching: Freshmen seminars.

Selected Publications:
Amdam, G., A. Csondes, M. K. Fondrk, and R. E. Page. 2006.
Complex social behaviour derived from maternal reproductive traits.
Nature 439: 76-78.

G. V. Amdam, K. Norberg, M. K. Fondrk, and R. E. Page.2004.
Reproductive ground plan may mediate colony-level effects on individual foraging behavior in honey bees. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 101: 11350-11355.

Beye, M, M. Hasselmann, M. K. Fondrk, R. E. Page, and S. W. Omholt. 2003.
The gene csd is the primary signal for sexual development in the honeybee and encodes an SR-type protein. Cell 114: 419-429.

Robinson, G. E. and R. E. Page. 1988.
Genetic determination of guarding and undertaking in honey-bee colonies. Nature 333:356-358.

Page, R. E. and R. A. Metcalf. 1982.
Multiple mating, sperm utilization, and social evolution. The American Naturalist 119:263-281.