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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave-Translation Readings

This French-language reading of chapters 1 and 10 of the 1845 Douglass narrative is performed by Prof. Sylvain Gallais, clinical professor of French, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University. It employs the text of Vie de Frédéric Douglass, esclave Américain, trans. S.K. Parkes (Paris: Pagnerre, 1848). Performed October 2008.

Chapter 1, 12:08 minutes
Chapter 10, 1:15:21 minutes

Joe Lockard, "Reflections on Captain Swinton’s Journal of a Voyage with Coolie Emigrants" 3/17/08

The text in PDF
The audio in MP3 format. 12:15 minutes

Joe Lockard, "Secular-Sacred Tensions in Antebellum Abolitionist Songbooks" 2/22/08

The text in PDF
The audio in MP3 format. 13:07 minutes

Markus Cruse, Chouki El Hamel, Sylvain Gallais reading Le Mulâtre (1837) by Victor Séjour. 4/12/06

The audio in MP3 format. 41:36 minutes

The 2005-2006 Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture featuring Jerome J. McGann, the John Stewart Bryan University Professor of English at the University of Virginia, reading "Information Technology and the Troubled Humanities". 3/28/06

The audio in MP3 format. 45.10 minutes
Question/Answer following the talk in MP3 format. 18:25 minutes

Joe Lockard, "Jacksonian Mobs and the Rise of Antislavery Poetry" 3/23/06

The text in PDF
The audio in MP3 format. 21:51 minutes

Joe Lockard, "William Still and Philadelphia's African American Underground" 3/23/06

The text in PDF
The audio in MP3 format. 42.46 minutes

The ASU Antislavery Ensemble 3/01/06 This selection of hymns originally appeared in Jairus Lincoln’s Anti-Slavery Melodies: For the Friends of Freedom (Elijah B. Gill, 1843), prepared for the Hingham Anti-Slavery Society in Massachusetts.  Little is known of the anthologist, Jairus Lincoln (1792-1870), beyond that he came from a family long-settled in Hingham and during the mid-1830s served as a local schoolmaster. The Antislavery Ensemble selected songs for performance based on historical value and adaptability for choral recital.

"Spirit of Freedom, Awake" 1:24 minutes
"My Country 'Tis of Thee" 1:20 minutes
"Daughters of the Pilgrim Sires" 1:11 minutes
"God of the Wide Creation" 1:54 minutes
"Come Join the Abolitionists" 1:52 minutes
"I Am an Abolitionist" 2:46 minutes
"God of the Wide Creation" V.2 1:53 minutes



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