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>>A Daughter's a Daughter

ISBN: 978-1-931010-44-3
256 pp. | cloth | $28.00

by Nash Candelaria

A Daughter's a Daughter follows three generations of women in a family, beginning with Liberata, the only daughter of the most prosperous farmer in Los Rafas. When she decides to marry a handsome opportunist, Liberata unquestioningly expects to live out a happy life along the traditional course set forth by her forebears, only to discover that her husband is abusive and unfaithful. Liberata communicates her distrust of men to her daughter, María, who does not understand, but instead follows her mother's example and obediently conducts her life with traditional values. The women in the family repeat the lives of their mothers until María's daughter Irene breaks the pattern. In the process, she discovers and learns to value her Chicano roots and rebels against the oppressive gender roles of the previous generations. Finally, as Liberata lies dying, Irene discovers a shocking secret about the origin of the legacy she has been given.