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>>Uncivil Rights and Other Stories

ISBN: 0-927534-83-5
136 pp. | paper only | $13.00 

stories by Nash Candelaria

Uncivil Rights is a collection of the author's best recent short stories and a novella. The novella, titled "Uncivil Rights," evokes the political and cultural circumstances of the Mexican American community from the 1960s through the present. "Dear Rosita" is told through a series of letters from a father to his daughter, the first in the family to go to college, who is moving very quickly into a world that strains her family's understanding. In "The Border," a young man in search of his father is guided by his dreams to find his "inheritance" and discover his place in the world.

Of his work, the author has said, "What I am trying to do is to give Hispanics their proper place in U.S. history. As a group, many of us have been here a long time, longer than most Anglos . . . What I want my writing to do is to help stake our Hispanic claim to North America and to write against stereotypes in creating the characters whose stories I tell."

Nash Candelaria has lived for the past few years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he devotes himself full time to writing. He is the author of an acclaimed series of historical novels dealing with the Southwest, Memories of the Alhambra (1977), Not by the Sword (1982), Inheritance of Strangers (1985), and Leonor Park (1991), in addition to The Day the Cisco Kid Shot John Wayne (1988), a collection of short stories. Not by the Sword received an American Book Award in 1983 and was a finalist for the Western Writers of America's Best Western Historical Novel award.