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>Complete Backlist/ Short Stories

>>Devil Talk: Stories

ISBN: 1-931010-27-7
152 pp. | paper | $13.00 

by Daniel Olivas

In these short stories, men and women confront evil in all its forms, drama, and even humor against a backdrop of Chicano and Mexicano culture. Situations range from the bizarre to the very real. In "Sight," a young man is allowed to see exactly what his girlfriend is doing when she leaves their home. A botched robbery in "Jorge, Get the Gun" leads to murder the same day JFK is buried. In the end, Devil Talk shocks, amuses, and tantalizes as it explores human passions and the corruption we valiantly attmpt to avoid as we wander through life. These twenty-six stories bring us to a place once inhabited by Rod Serling . . . only the accents have changed. This is Latino fiction at its edgy, fantastical best.