Arizona State University
Faculty-Staff Basketball Association

2005-06 President:  Anne Kelsen
Out-Going President: Kelly Briner
Treasurer: Andrew Hamilton
List Server Manager: Steve Nelson
Web Page Manager 1: Mike McBeath
Web Page Manager 2: Matt Rapp
Space Coordinator: George Watson
Ball Locker Supervisor: Jim Selby
Can Shaker: Bill Arnold
Gymnast Remover: Chuck Corbin
Sergeant of Arms: John Rome
Secretary of Latin: Curtis Perry

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Name Nick Name Position Department E-Mail Address
Andrew Hamilton Operator Staff Human Resources
Anne Kelsen Rhody Ram Acad. Profnal. Life Sciences
Art Haley The Comet Faculty Recreation Managmt.
Barry Wilkens The Crane Acad. Profnal. Solid State Science
Bill Arnold Shaq Fu Faculty Human Communication
Bill Boyes Sparky Faculty Economics
Bill Fabricius Crunch Time Faculty Psychology
Bob Chiago Skyyy Bob
Emeriti American Indian Studies
Brian Verrelli
Wine and Dine
Life Sciences
Casey Self The Motivator Staff Advising Service
Chris Martin The Hustler Faculty Applied Biological Sciences
Chuck Corbin Godfather Faculty Exercise & Wellness
Curtis Perry The Bodkin Faculty English
Dan Jenk The Flash
Staff Life Sciences
Dan Moore Barishnikov Staff Instruction Analysis
David Bear Grizzly Staff Public Programs
David Hestenes The Matrix Emeriti Physics
Doug Cochran DOD Faculty Electrical Engineering cochran
Gary Campbell Two-by-Four
Staff. Media Relations
Gary Huss Meteorite Man Acad.Profnal. Geological Sciences
George Watson Floorburn Faculty Journalism & Telecom.
Glenn Hurlbert Mr. Rebound Faculty Mathematics
Greg Beatty Captain Kidd Grandfather Education
Hank Bessembinder Down Town Ex-Faculty Finance (Utah)
Jack Davis Nimble Staff Information Technology
Jeremy Marcott Paint-by-Numbers Staff Information Technology
Jerry Harris Dr. Stay Emeriti Education
Jianguo Wu Beau Jingle Faculty Life Sciences
Jim Selby The Bank Staff Bookstore
Joe Williams Fly Staff Information Technology
John Jarvis
Aggie-'tator Staff Media Relations
John Rome Pickpocket Staff Instruction Analysis
John Sabo Skywalker Faculty Life Sciences
Kati Weingartner Lady Finger Staff Info. Technology - East
Kelly Briner Scrappy Staff Information Technology
Kevin Burke 1-Armed Bandit Staff Kinesiology
Kevin McKisson Off the Glass Staff Registrar
Kevin O'Rorke O'Brother Staff Student Affairs
Matt Rapp The Matt Factor Staff Information Technology
Mike Devenny
Information Technology
Mike Dickens Rev Staff Campus Ministries
Mike Lince
Mike McBeath Garbageman Faculty Psychology
Mike Winkelman Twinkletoe Faculty Anthropology
Paul Atkinson
Phil Wolfe Hufflepuff Faculty Industrial Engineering
Prentice Williams Mr.Wander+Fall
Grandfather Off Campus
Rick Hinrichs The Stick Faculty Exercise Science
Scott Bingham The Assassin Acad.Profnal. Life Sciences
Scott Brehm Too Tall Staff Information Technology
Sean Snitzer Alley Oops Staff Classroom Technology
Skip Derra The Cyclone Staff Media Relations
Steve Beatty Captain Hook Faculty English
Steve Martin Gumby Staff CLAS - Life Sciences
Steve Nelson Jay-Dub Staff Computer Services
Steve Reynolds The Streak Faculty Geological Sciences
Tim Ault Nice Staff Univ. Fiscal Planning
Tom Boylan Toilin'&Trouble Staff Residential Life
Tom Dowling Hoss Faculty Life Sciences
Tom Sherman a-Hawk Emeriti Mathematics


Name Nick Name Position Department Where They Went (Year Left)
Bill Hetke Brigadoon Staff Information Technology Took up knitting instead (2000)
Chris Lorson Splice Ex-Faculty Biology Moved to U. of Missouri (2002)
Doug Cochran DOD On Leave Electrical Engineering Moved to D.O.D. in DC (2001)
Evan Moilan Lefty Staff Campus Ministeries Moved to U. Texas (2004)
Forouzan Golshani Flash Faculty Computer Scienc Moved to Wright State U. in Ohio (2003)
Jake Oleson Hawkeye Faculty Math and Statistic Moved to U. of Iowa  (2004)
Jason Kaye George Karl Jr. Faculty Life Sciences
Moved to Penn State U. (2005)
John Griffin SUV Faculty Finance Moved to Texas (2003)
Mike Lemon Squeeze Ex-Faculty Finance Moved to U. of Utah (2000)
Pat Lauderdale The Fort Faculty Justice Studies Entered Hall of Fame (2001)
Roger Faith Squirrelly Shot Faculty Economic Passed Away (2004)
Roy Janisch Walk the Walk Faculty Justice Studies Marched into the sunset (2003)
Tim Chenoweth The Force Faculty Accountancy Info.Mgmt. Up and left (2002)