Arizona State University
Faculty-Staff Basketball Association

Pictures: From FSBA Night on the Town at Into the Bean.
Bad Rapp and the Garbageman
Badd Rapp and the Garbageman
(Rapp-man demonstrates his famous scoop-shot motion
while Garbage keeps those hands up ready for a rebound)

Into the Bean
Bad Rapp, Garbage, and the Fly
Garbage, Rapp, and Fly Williams (sneaking in on the left),
with Hamilton Operator and the Godfather ominously waiting in the wings

Pickpocket Rome
Pickpocket Rome picking away at the old heartstrings
Quiet Boys and guest harpist
The Quiet Boys with guest harpist go full tilt

 Quiet Boys
The not-so Quiet Boys signature picture
Pickpocket Rome (left), I-wanna-play-like Mike (right), and the Chuck-Wagon (bottom).
Bricks in the background dedicated to the FSBA!

Badd Rapp
And that's a Rapp!

November 2005
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