Arizona State University
Faculty-Staff Basketball Association

FSBA reaches new heights in ASU Insight
Doug Cochran wins award for his defense
Brian Verrelli color commentary on why women look better

Mike McBeath plays like a dog
Chuck Corbin inducted into Hall of Fame
Rick Hinrichs gets a grip on things
David Hestenes honored for figuring out the physics of it all
George Watson shoots above and beyond the rest
Bill Arnold testifies on how to sucker the opposition
Steve Reynolds teaches winning style


Most Voluble Player: Prentice Williams
Most Venerable Player: David Hestenes
Most Valedictory Player: Hank Bessembinder

Separated at Birth: Joe versus Prentice Williams
Separated at Birth: Chris versus Steve Martin

Pep Boys: Manny (Aroz), Joe (Williams), and Jack (Davis)
Cat and Mouse: Tom (Dowling) and Jerry (Harris)

All Bill Team
Bill Arnold
Bill Boyes
Bill Fabricius
Prentice Williams (Honorary Bill)
Joe Williams (Honorary Bill)


All John Team
John Rome
John Griffin
John Sabo
Sean Snitzer (Honorary John)
Roy Janisch (Honorary John)

All Biology Team
Scott Bingham
Tom Dowling
Jason Kaye
John Sabo
Anne Kelson


All Finance Team
John Griffin
Tod Perry
Hank Bessembinder
Mike Lemon
Tim Ault (Honorary financial guy)

All “Never Get Old” Team
David Hestenes
Tom Sherman
Bill Arnold
Jerry Harris
Bob Chiago


All Diesel Team
Roy Janisch
Tim Chenoweth
Chris Martin
John Griffin
Kem MacNeille

All Son-Boy Team
George Watson
Steve Nelson
Jake Oleson
Bill Boyes
Tom Boylan


All Old-Man Team
Bill Arnold
Steve Reynolds
Mike Winkelman
Tom Sherman
John Rome (Honorary old city)


Phrase Translation Meaning
Punk. Hello.
You know what your problem is? Allow me to introduce myself.
Shut the (expletive) up. Let me meditate several moments upon your sage advice.
The hand is a part of the ball. I hope your wrist heals quickly.
Shoot the ball. My team has possession.
Our ball. The ball went out of bounds.
Defense by Prentice. That kidney punch is legal in pro wrestling.
I'm going to kick your (donkey). Congrats on that string of baskets you just made off of me.
Throw it away. Pass the way I do.
No more mistakes. That guy I passed to on the other court must not be on my team.
Pass the ball to <teammate>. Watch me inform the opposition who on my team is unguarded.
It takes guts to play this game. Let's not look at each other's bellies.
You don't know (excrement). That's my specialty.
We're gonna smoke these guys. Hey, look what I found in my pocket.
Our team is better than yours. Thanks for the game, perhaps next time my team will win.
Let me tell you something. Do you have half an hour?



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