Arizona State University
Faculty-Staff Basketball Association

Art “A. J.” Haley (1942-2011)  
Art “A. J.” Haley was a long-time faculty member and chairperson of programs in Recreation and Tourism. He was one of the early members of the FSBA. He appeared and disappeared from action over the years. Sometimes he would play regularly for months then was not seen for several months. But when he was in action he was known for his persistent manner, sense of teamwork, and his accurate outside set shot as well as his “firm” picks. He was a good friend. In addition to his basketball play, he organized and captained the “Owlhoots,” a slow-pitch softball team that played in the city league for years. Many FSBA members and former members also played with the Hoots. Artie the Owlhoot succumbed to pancreatic cancer on March 10, 2011. His FSBA friends will miss him. Comments from fellow FSBA members include the following:

  • "I remember many things about Art, not the least of which was his generosity and willingness to buy the next round, and then laugh about it all the next day. He worked tirelessly with students and took pride in helping them write and become professional. I am not surprised that so many of his former students became his lifelong friends."
  • "I really enjoyed sitting there and listening to him spin yarns about the old days at ASU and his interactions with the basketball team (ASU’s) as well as the inside scoop on some of the FSBA players and the current university administration. After his regular playing days he’d still come around to visit, but it was usually to sit, watch and talk, all of which was much appreciated. Early in March 2011 he stopped by but did not say anything about his condition (much less complain about being in discomfort or his plight). This in itself is the best memorial to him. He always enjoyed the moment, but was more than willing to remember the past with anyone who wanted to hear it. We’ll miss you, Art."
  • "A. J. said that Lauderdale did deserve to be in our Hall of Fame; however, A.J. stressed that it would be more appropriate for him to also be in the Hall of Shame for letting deviants play. His sense of irony was always refreshing and presented at the most appropriate moments. He was a connoisseur of literature, history and sports. A.J. never forgot his roots and we will miss him, especially his sense of humor and acceptance of challenge for important matters."
  • "I always enjoyed his Boston accent and listening to his stories."
  • "Art always talked about Ireland, which was his root. I have uploaded some Irish Reels in his honor (click here)."
  • "I always enjoyed his company and rye sense of humor."
  • "Many of us enjoyed playing hoops with Art and also enjoyed playing with his Owlhoot softball teams."
  • "I won't ever forget his weight losing plastic pullovers."
  • "I remember him talking at length about the New American University vs the Old American University and politics, he was a smart man. I enjoyed his company."