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African American Women of ASU

Name Title & Department Phone & Email
Boone-Edgerton, P. J. SEE CATO, ALMAZ
Boyer, Gina Graduate Teaching Associate


[480] 965-4296

[email protected]

Brouhard, Debra Counselor/Instructor

Student Affairs - Multicultural Advancement Program, S.T.A.R.S. Association [Advisor], Commission on the Status of Women [Chair]

[480] 965-6060

[email protected]

Cato, Almaz

[P.J. Boone-Edgerton]

Senior Planning Analyst

ASU EAST - Planning and Budget

[480] 727-1494

[email protected]

Coleman, Lisa Graduate Academic Advisor

Walter Cronkite School

[480] 965-4539

[email protected]

Crusoe, Debra Secretary

Graduate College

[480] 965-9347

[email protected]

Davis, Patricia Office Specialist Senior

Comptroller's Office

[480] 965-2334

[email protected]

Fisher, Teresa Assistant Professor

Psychology in Education

[480] 965-8057

[email protected]

Grant, Chappell Licensing Assistant/Paralegal

Technology Collaborations and Licensing

[480] 727-6313

[email protected]

Kieth, Verna Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

[480] 965-8236

[email protected]

Montgomery, Toni-Marie Director Of School of Music

School of Music

[480] 965-0130

[email protected]

Parker Rhodes, Jewell Professor

English Department

[480] 965-6856

[email protected]

Porter, Katrina Administrative Assistant

College of Education - D.E.L.P.S. - D.E.L.T.A. Doctoral Program


[email protected]

Posey, Bernice Administrative Assistant

Office of the Provost

[480] 965-4996

[email protected]

Proctor, Maxine Academic Associate

Div of Undergraduate Academic Advising


[email protected]

Rountree-Antar, Michele Academic Associate

School of Social Work

[480] 965-3769

[email protected]

Scott, Deboral Senior Systems Analyst

ASU Department of Public Safety

[480] 965-1082

[email protected]

Stokes, Shiela Senior Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost

Office of the Vice Provost of Administrative Services

[480] 965-3201

[email protected]

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