Student Services Manual (SSM)

Interim Posting

Note: At the request of the provost, a vice provost, or a vice president, this policy has been posted in the interim between scheduled posting dates by University Policy Manuals Group because it has significant and urgent importance for the university community. This policy will be included in the publication process by the next feasible posting for online policies and procedures.

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Effective: 7/1/1957

Revised: 7/20/2015

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SSM 501–01: Career Services Eligibility

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To provide services to individuals seeking career information and employment and to encourage the use of these services

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University policy

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Career Services provides assistance to all eligible clients. ASU students and alumni must be registered with the online career management system to receive individual career advising.


The following individuals qualify for services:

  1. ASU students at any level seeking career planning or employment information
  2. ASU faculty and staff members and their dependents
  3. ASU alumni
    Note: All ASU alumni are eligible for registration with the online system and participation in any career event without paying a fee. In addition, all ASU alumni are eligible for career advising sessions (up to one-hour in duration, with a career professional, for a fee as posted by Career Services). Fees charged for sessions are based on the duration of time from last ASU attendance (within 12 months of last ASU attendance or more than 12 months from last ASU attendance) and whether or not one is a dues-paying member of the ASU Alumni Association. Alumni may also contact Career Services for information about additional no-fee options that may be available.


  4. individuals not affiliated with ASU are eligible for an individual advising session (up to one-hour in duration) with a career professional for a fee as posted by Career Services.
Note: Eligibility requirements for individuals wishing to take part in on-campus recruiting are detailed in SSM 501–03, “Eligibility for Registering and On-Campus Recruiting.”

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The following individuals are not eligible to use services:

  1. individuals who are disruptive or uncooperative, or those identified by the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) as:

    1. having restricted access to campus


    2. being prohibited access to campus


  1. individuals who have abused their privileges and have been notified that the privilege is no longer available to them.

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