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SSM 203–05 Table

Students may not register for a course that duplicates the work of a previous course taken for credit OR must request permission from the department/college to repeat a critical course in which a grade higher than a “D” was received but does not meet the minimum grade required for that critical course.

Advisors monitor a student’s records to verify that duplication of credit has not occurred OR notify University Registrar Services of approval to repeat the course.

University Registrar Services makes adjustments in the system to allow repeat of a course if a student receives approval. If approved, the student registers for the course.

University Registrar Services verifies that the student’s records show a duplication of credit, corrects the student’s record to delete credit for the most recent of the duplicate course, OR adjusts the student’s record as determined by the applicable policy in SSM 203–06: “Deletion of a “D” or “E” Grade Received by an Undergraduate Student in an Undergraduate Course.”

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