Student Services Manual (SSM)

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SSM 203–01 Table

If the instructor or the department roster contact desires to change the grade, he or she:

  1. logs in to the Faculty Center on the ASU Web
  2. selects the class, the student, and the new grade


  3. submits the change request for review at the department chair level.

The department chair or designee:

  1. logs in to OASIS
  2. reviews the grade change request


  3. approves or disapproves it.

If the request is approved, the department chair or designee submits the approval.

If the request is not approved, the department chair or designee submits the denial and notifies the instructor.

The dean of the college or the dean’s designee logs in to OASIS to approve or deny the request. If the request is denied, he or she also notifies the department chair or the instructor.

The student logs in to My ASU to verify that the grade change was processed. If the grade change is not on the transcript, the student contacts the instructor for more information.

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