Student Services Manual (SSM)

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SSM 202–06 Table

The student:

  1. requests the Application for Academic Renewal from University Registrar Services, or from the dean of the college offering the student’s major


  2. submits the application to the dean or the academic advisor no later than the beginning of the third semester after readmission.

Upon receiving the Application for Academic Renewal, the dean of the college offering the student’s major specifies a minimum of 12 semester hours the student must complete within three semesters after reentry, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50, to be eligible for academic renewal. Upon the student’s completion of the specified semester hours with at least the minimum GPA, the dean forwards the approved Application for Academic Renewal to University Registrar Services.

University Registrar Services verifies that the form is complete. If the form is not complete, it is returned to the dean or the academic advisor. If the form is complete, the academic renewal is processed and the student’s record is adjusted. Hours earned before academic renewal are posted in the same manner as that for community college transfer credits.

University Registrar Services sends a revised copy of the transcript to the student.

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